Duxford Flying Legends 05

The Duxford Flying Legends airshow, located at the IWM Duxford museum, must be the best event in Europe for those interested in vintage warplanes. There are literally tens of old warbirds in flying condition, and the "Balbo" formation which ends the show is an extremely rare and interesting sight.

I went to the show on 9th July. Again the weather was not very cooperative, as in the morning a dull gray sky greeted me and provided for a flat and lifeless background for the photographs. Things improved over the day, as the clouds dispersed and were replaced by a clear blue sky. Still, I would have wished some nice cloud formations in the background.

Practically all of the shooting was done with a Nikkor 80-400 VR lens, shutter priority 1/250 sec. to blur the propellers. All of the pictures have had some level adjustment and sharpening done, but are otherwise unthouched. No cropping has been done, though some would have been benefitted from that.


The Imperial War Museum
The Fighter Collection


Bombers/Ground Attack Planes


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