Psychedelia in Copenhagen

Film is recommended to be developed as soon as possible after exposure. But what will happen if the film stays undeveloped instead? I was about to find out when, cleaning cupboards, I came on a 24-exposure roll of ISO 200 something or other that had been sitting untouched in a box for years.

I took these pictures at the Copenhagen Fortress approximately four years before finally taking them to be developed. A nosy client commented that the film canister didn't have that "film smell" anymore. Well, quite so.

Frankly, I didn't expect very much -- I wondered if there was anything recognisable at all -- and in that view the roll turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Almost all frames had a strong magenta cast, most of the time an uneven one, and the grain was all wonky. But tweaking with the color and grain repair functionality of my film scanner software revealed interesting pictures behind the magenta veil...

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